• Science Lab

    Our school has a well – equipped science lab. The aim is to foster a spirit of innovation, creativity and learning through doing. Each child is given personal attention and facility to learn through the laboratories.

  • Library

    A well stocked library is provided to the young minds to broaden their horizons. Latest books on various subjects and a good number of magazines are available based on the subjects taught.

  • Smartclass

    "How you learn and what you learn will determine what you become." Educomp Smart Class (CTS), the latest development of technology helps our children to understand the concepts in a way that they have never understood before.

  • Maths Lab

    Several studies into the teaching of Mathematics demonstrate that students may sometimes feel intimidated by the subject, primarily because it is deemed to be abstract. Children find it much easier to learn about things they can see, touch, and handle. This is why we have a Mathematics Lab at St. Mary's School Faridpur, to make mathematics accessible to all students of all ages.